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Most of the viewers out there didn’t know why the Phoenix Suns were so comfortable ahead of the Houston Rockets game. They were without Channing Frye and it’s always a cause for concern when one of your top players is unusable. However, his replacement, Hakim Warrick proved that the Phoenix fans have nothing to worry about and he scored 32 points. What’s interesting is the fact that he wasn’t the only one on the field with such an impressive tally. Vince Carter for Phoenix and Kyle Lowry for Houston also managed to score 32 points. Basketball scores.

“I got a couple of layups that got me going and Steve just kept feeding me,” Hakim Warrick stated. “I just had to knock it down. This game is mostly confidence so you see the ball go in the basket, you are going to continue to be aggressive and no matter what I’m going to be aggressive but once you [get] some early buckets it really helps you out.”

The first quarter was almost an even contest, with none of the teams being able to hold on to a good lead for very long. Houston had the edge and managed to finish the quarter ahead. The score was 26-24. Basketball odds.

“I couldn’t wait to get back on the floor,” Carter stated. “I am not afraid to fail or be afraid to be in that position, to win games for my team. At the same time I hate losing and I hate failing.”

If the first quarter was an almost even contest, the second was a perfectly even one. The teams matched each other shot per shot, and by half time, the Houston Rockets were still at the right end of a two points difference. However, nothing was decided yet, and it still looked like any team is capable to win.

“That’s how basketball games are supposed to be played,” Lowry stated. “They made shots, we made shots. That’s how the game is supposed to be played down the stretch, a tough, hard-fought game. Vince made some shots and they made some real tough individual plays. They did their pick and roll and Warrick did awesome tonight. He made up for them missing Frye tonight.”

The second half looked much like the first, but this time, the Suns had the advantage. They finally managed to turn it around in the fourth quarter and won the game, 110-113. Basketball spreads.

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