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NFL teams are not used to prepare to stop an offensive style “Option”. But that’s just what the Kansas City Chiefs need to do to meet their next game against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Running an offense similar to the one which he shined at the University of Florida, Tebow generally has three options after receiving the snap: he can throw downfield, pitch it to Willis McGahee or some other running backs, or simply keep the ball and run. Basketball odds

It didn’t work very well two weeks ago during a 45-10 loss to the Detroit Lions, when the Broncos were still trying to figure out what they were doing. But it worked much better last week. Confusing the Oakland Raiders’ defense Tebow achieved throwing for 124 yards and two touchdowns while accumulated 118 yards. The attention that Oakland paid him created holes for McGahee, who rushed for 163 yards and two touchdowns in 38-24 victory. Basketball spreads

When asked if Tebow “read-option” the offense can be sustainable in the NFL coach of the Broncos John Fox said that regularly faced something similar when he led the Carolina Panthers. “I’ve spent a lot of time in the NFC South, and we competed against the Atlanta Falcons when they had Michael Vick. Call it what you like, it was that quarterback having the ability to run that creates havoc on defenses because they don’t count that guy as a runner,” Fox said.

Still, Fox admitted that this kind of offensive attack has not been proven in the NFL “to the exact level where we’re kind of at right now.” By putting the ball in McGahee’s abdomen, and then decide if he leaves it or hold to run it on his own, Tebow looked like he was back in control of the Gators offensive.

“It’s not an option offense. It’s still a pro-style offense,” McGahee insisted, but then added: “Whatever it takes to win. If that’s what we got to do, then we’re going to do it.”

The head coach of the Chiefs, Todd Haley, said that the Broncos’ offense is similar to the ‘Wildcat’ formation that is in fashion, with one significant difference: Tebow can throw the ball well, despite what his critics and people say.

“You got a quarterback running the option,” Haley said, “and that makes it a triple threat.”

Fox said that Denver tries to put Tebow into a position where he can succeed.

“We’re asking a lot, not just of Tim, but our entire offense — the coaching staff, everybody involved,” Fox said. “We’ve kind of grown it as we’ve grown with Tim. There is no question that we are looking for balance in the run and the pass. We’re probably leaning a little bit more on the run right now. We have to improve in the pass game because in this league, you have to be two-dimensional, not one-dimensional, and it’s something that I’m sure he’ll grow, we’ll grow, in time.” The Chiefs veteran linebacker Derrick Johnson said he has not faced an “Option” offensive style since his college days playing for the University of Texas.

“That’s definitely a college game plan when you do so much option,” he said. “However you can get a win. It may not be the traditional way, standing in the pocket, delivering, you know, certain routes and all that stuff. As long as you win, it doesn’t really matter.”

Figure out how to stop it is an entirely different thing.

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