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In a closely contested match, the littlest things count. In this game, where the Indians defeated the Blue Jays by only one run, the game was very close, and it came down to some fancy pitching. Fausto Carmona recovered from a shaky start, his worst in the season, to lead his team to victory. Odds.

The ability to overcome a rough start, a bad call or a bad play, and to then win a game, is what sets great players like Carmona apart. With a rough start, he picked himself up, handled some amazing pitching, and led the Indians through seven innings of pure awesomeness. Leaving the field for the closer to come in and work his magic, Carmona walked off proud of a job well done.

With this victory, the Cleveland Indians got their first three-game winning streak since a four-game run June (9-12). After a run of tough luck and tougher opponents, it seems as if the Indians are bouncing back, and are here to prove that they are indeed a team to be respected.  Closer Kerry Wood worked the ninth for his third save in three games. He moved to 8 saves out of 11 opportunities this season. The last time he pulled off three saves in three days was back with the Cubs in 2008. Scores.

With solid players, a great defense, and some superb hitting, the Indians are looking to take the series vs. the Blue Jays, and claim their next few in order to make up for lost ground. They have the skill, the heart, and they are working on the execution that is needed in order to compete with the big boys. Be sure and follow future Indians games on, home of the best betting information on the internet. Las vegas odds.

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