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The Indians played very well against the Tigers as they moved to their 6th straight win. The Indians have been gaining lately, looking for a solid finish to their season. On Wednesday night, they got it. Faced with the prospect of beating the powerful Detroit Tigers, they stepped up their offense to play some dangerous baseball. It certainly paid off. The game ended 4-3 after nine innings of awesome baseball. Vegas odds.

Josh Tomlin was in charge at the mound. Inspired by Talbot’s performance earlier in the day, he felt compelled to deliver a win for his team. The pitcher did a fantastic job, pitching 5 innings of gold for the Indians. With both teams pressing early on, the Indians took the lead on an interesting play. A suicide bunt by Trevor Crowe sent the Indians up 5-4 in the fifth. Shortly after, the defensive side stepped up to take the game into the ninth without allowing the Tigers a chance. Betting lines.

The Detroit Tigers have proven powerful this year, but only on one half of their games. While this team has been unstoppable at their home field, they have largely failed on the road. Having a number of the best players around hasn’t seemed to help when they are away from their comfort zone. The Indians, on the other hand, have been able to win all over. This marks the main difference between these two teams, and they will both go on to finish the season in their own way. The Indians closed the game with a special gesture towards their fans, which have supported them all year. Throwing autographed baseballs into the stands was just one small measure of their appreciation. Apparently this team is not only cunning, but also considerate. Be sure and follow the rest of the games at, home of the best sports betting information on the Internet. Sports scores.

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