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It was a tough game between these two football teams. Though the Jaguars wrestled control of the game and ended up winning, the Falcons did manage to put up a tough fight. The starters were being benched so they could get some rest, so it was an opportunity for the backups to make an impression. However, neither side really stood out or dominated. The game ended 13-9. Basketball Lines.

Fullback Brock Bolen scored on a 16-yard run, after which Josh Scobee kicked two field goals. That is essentially how it went down. There were no massive breakout plays, and nothing was extremely exciting for the fans or resting players. Both teams merely dealt with a long, grueling game.

The preseason is a chance for teams to see how their players will counter other teams, in something besides practice. A team can win every game in the preseason and not win in the regular season. The opposite can also be true. However, things really kick off in the regular season, as many players like to get a head start. NFL Lines.

The Falcons haven’t given their all because they are holding their top players for the regular season games. A really bad injury to a key player in the preseason can result in sinking a team for the rest of the regular season. Falcons coach Mike Smith said that he was using the preseason to evaluate his players, and that he wasn’t concerned with the results. NFL Betting Lines.

The Falcons (2-2) played this game without their entire starting offense, as well as without seven defensive starters. In reality, they didn’t pay much attention to the results of the game. The Jaguars tore them up, as their performance was quite lackluster. Be sure and follow up on all the best sports betting data at

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