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The New York Jets have been the subject of much scrutiny this year. After blowing their opener in the new stadium in New York, the team managed a win on their second game against the powerful New England Patriots. Despite the great victory, they have a lot to think about when considering the game on Sunday. The Dolphins are a surging force this year, sitting on a 2-0 record. They have seen a steady defense lead the team to consecutive road victories, and are looking to build on that strategy. At this point, with two such dynamic teams, many are wondering who will manage to win it? Basketball lines.

The Jets will look to build on their offensive side, in hopes of taking out the powerful Dolphins defense. They have a number of sharp players on their roster, which for whatever reason were just not at 100% during the opening game against Baltimore. Quarterback Mark Sanchez played much better during the 28-14 win over New England last Sunday, and is looking to improve further this weekend. Basketball betting lines.

However, there are still a few things that may affect them. As wide receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested for drunk driving, he will not be playing against the Dolphins. He definitely had a helping hand in the victory over New England. As such, it is a big blow to the Jets to not have him on the field. Baseball odds.

The Dolphins have a couple of fantastic players on their team as well, and have steamrolled their way to two stunning victories this year. They have proven potent thus far, combining cunning defensive plays with an aggressive offensive. That explosive combo has resulted in victory twice. Allowing a total of 20 points, they are tied with Pittsburgh for the NFL low after pulling off a 14-10 upset at Minnesota last Sunday. Will the Jets have what it takes, or will the Dolphins manage to take this one as well? Check out in depth analysis and the best sports betting information at

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