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The New York Jets have played some impressive football since their dreadful opener. After knuckling down, they are ready to deliver quality ball to their fans. They have improved their game, and are revising their strategies. The end result so far has been that they are winning games, and looking sharp on the field. They played the Minnesota Vikings, taking a surprising lead against a stronger team. Brett Favre fell apart against New York; the Vikings crumbled and took a hard loss.Vegas odds.

The Jets controlled the game. Starting off strong, they weren’t going to let the Vikings catch up. Even though they pressed hard in the second half, it wasn’t enough to beat New York. Favre was just about to seal the game, and lead the Vikings to victory, but Dwight Lowery had to have his say. He returned an interception 26 yards for a touchdown with 1:30 left, leading his team to a rousing victory with a magnificent last minute play. Betting lines.

Throwing an interception so late in the game doesn’t bode well for Favre. Many people are claiming that he has had his day, and it is time for him to move on out. Whatever the case, he is still an amazing player. His records speak for themselves, as he has had an outstanding career so far. Things have gone well for the Vikings in recent years, but with Favre’s performance dwindling, the question remains – what are the Vikings going to do without him? It is at the point now where he either mans up or steps down. The Vikings cannot go on to a winning season with Favre at his current levels of performance. Be sure and follow the game at, home of the best sports betting information. Sports scores.

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