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L.A Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has a no-trade clause in his agreement, and he won’t have to worry about exercising it — his team has no plans in trading him.

“I believe about plenty of things to improve this team, to work out the easy way to manage the finances of it,” said L.A Lakers executive VP of player personnel, Jim Buss on Friday “One thing I haven’t idea of is Kobe being somewhere else. I do not know why that query has ever come up and I’d like to squish that one.” Betting lines.

Bryant, 33 year-old, has played all 16 seasons of his career with the Lakers. He is under agreement for the subsequent 2 seasons and is ready to generate $58.3 million.

Buss, the son of Lakers owner Doctor Jerry Buss, suggested that Bryant will not be retiring when his deal is through. When he was recommended that Bryant only had a short window remaining to try to acquire his 6th NBA championship, Buss suggested Bryant might be around for a bit longer.

“I might not agree with you that Kobe only has 3 or 4 years left, but we’ll see,” Buss claimed. “As you see, we make trades and our full focus isn’t to win a sixth (championship). I don’t know I’d stop there for Kobe; I would go to 7 or 8 if we can….I suspect Kobe is going to be a Laker for life and I’m fairly sure he is not going to hang them up after 2 years.”

While Bryant’s security in the franchise could not be stronger, Buss wanted to break up the wide-reaching sentiment that his personal attachment to center Andrew Bynum would forestall the Lakers from ever trading their 24-year-old All-Star.

“It’s just not true,” expounded Buss, who had influence in the Lakers picking Bynum with the No. 10 pick in the 2005 NBA draft. “It’s not like I’m going out shopping Andrew Bynum, just nothing has ever come our way and I don’t predict anything coming our way where I would want to trade Andrew Bynum. … There just hasn’t been anything for Andrew Bynum. Thank goodness we did not. The same folks that attach me to Andrew Bynum would have traded him 6 times already, probably for players we wouldn’t actually have (at this point). It’s OK to attach my name to Andrew Bynum because I believe he’s a perennial All-Star, that’s OK with me, but to assert that I wouldn’t trade him? That’s just unfounded.”

Bynum is averaging career highs in points (17.8), rebounds (12.6) and minutes (35.9) per game this season and is shooting a league-leading 58.1 percent from the field. Sports scores.

The Lakers purpose to pick up the $16.4 million choice on Bynum’s contract next season. Nonetheless Buss warned that under the terms and conditions of the new collective negotiating agreement that was put into place in December, so ending the NBA’s 161-day lockout, the Lakers aren’t able to be as free-spending as they were during the past.

Apart from the stricter finance penalties, teams operating above the luxurious tax won’t be privy to the absolute max use of salary cap exceptions, meaning they may only be able to offer a “mini” mid-level exception, rather than a full mid-level exception to draw in free agents.

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