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Jim Tressel earned $21.7 million as the coach of Ohio State’s football team over his ten year long tenure prior to being kicked out for allegedly breaking NCAA rules, as shown by records by the school which is publicly funded. Tressel had earned well over $3.5 million back in 2010 that was the year in which he had covered up the whole illegal benefits scandal which led to his firing and appearance before the NCAA’s committee for the infractions this Friday. NFL odds

According to figures which were released on Tuesday to the Associated Press by the university it showed that almost a full quarter of his pay $4.6 million had come from a deal under which Ohio State had directed a part of the exclusive deal with apparel giant Nike to the coach. NFL scores

During his time with the Buckeyes the coach was given tickets which are valued at $104,800 or even more than $10,000 in Ohio State basketball tickets and well over $21,000 in bowl tickets. His contract also had him receive $200,000 in the way of signing bonuses back in 2003, the national championship game bonuses which are worth a total of $835,000. He also got yet another $155,000 in the way of bonuses for Ohio State players for hitting a number of academic standards. Basketball scores

The second season with the university later allowed him to win the 2002 national championship which was the first in 34 years. The presidents of the NCAA institutions are now going to meet this week in Indianapolis in order to discuss the issues which includes rather expensive coaching contracts. The president of Kansas State Kirk Schultz had written on his Twitter profile that there were “lots of concerns” regarding the escalation of the salaries.

The president Mark Emmert was not as adamant regarding the adjustment of salaries as he was trying to provide more scholarship money for the athletes or trying to simply the expansive rule book of the governing body.

Emmert said “I think the general issue is making sure the (university’s) resources are being deployed as effectively as they can,” “The marketplace for salaries is the marketplace for salaries, and everyone understands that.”

Tressel’s lawyer named Gene Marsh however didn’t respond immediately for further comment.

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