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Josh Beckett as is seems has finally found a way to go around and beat the New York Yankees in this season, and it sure looks like a great system since he is beating them again and again. The right handed pitcher for the Red Sox was good enough for Boston’s 9-5 win on Wednesday which later improved to a 4-0 against the Yankees for this season. This has taken his ERA to 1.85. Just last season was his worst in the Majors he went 1-2 with a 10.04 ERA against his long time rivals. NFL scores

Beckett said “The Yankee-Red Sox thing has been here before I got here for a long time and it’ll be here long after I’m here,”. “The big thing is we’re both really good teams and there’s a reason why you’ve got to play those games a little differently.”

Boston is currently 5-0 in their start against the New York Yankees but he is now credited with slugging teammates for Wednesday’s win. The tie breaking hit came from Jacoby Ellsbury who got a two run homer in the sixth which made it 7-5. Then both Jason Variteck and David Ortizand also got two shots. NFL odds

Beckett said “I might get the win next to my name,” “I’d say I contributed by eating up some innings, but the guys that probably stuck out all year, they stuck out again today.”

He had said that the big difference from last year when he was 6-6 with a 5.78 ERA was his ability to execute his pitches in a number of key situations. The Red Sox had lost their opener 5-2 on Tuesday night and then extended their AL lead over the Yankees by 1 ½ games and also improved their overall record to 11-3 for this season. NFL spreads

Derek Jeter said “We can’t think about what happened up until this point,” “If we did, we might as well let them have the rest of the games.”

The Yankees managed a huge inning against Beckett and scored four runs in the sixth this was the same amount they had managed to do in the previous 32 innings of the season and were ahead 5-4.

Jeter added “I wouldn’t say we’ve figured him out,” “We were able to score those five runs. It wasn’t enough.”

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