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The New York Knicks gave an exhilarating game on Wednesday, and were able to lock down another win this season. This team has been playing great basketball this season, and is really looking solid. They played a much better game than the Kings, bringing it to a close with a final score of 113-106. Basketball odds.

While the Kings have been shining through with remarkable talent, they weren’t able to overcome the Knicks during the game on Wednesday. They simply crumbled against the overpowering offensive game that the Knicks brought to the court. The New York team now sits on a 4-8 record. Though they have been getting beat this year, they certainly have what it takes to finish up with a strudy record this season.  The Knicks started off pretty slow, but picked things up in the second half to punish the Kings. Amare Stoudemire and Danilo Gallinari each scored 27 points to help move the momentum forward. Basketball spreads.

The Knicks have been doing their best to establish a good foundation for their season. So far, they have had a pretty rough go of things. New York needs to continue giving steady games if they want to get a winning record this season. Even if they do, they still have a bit of hard work to do to get there. The Kings have been getting slammed, and took another loss this season to drag them down to 3-7. The Sacramento team was unable to overcome the Knicks, and instead took a very rough loss. Basketball lines.

They came apart at the very end against the New York team, even though their players were doing the best they could to win. Evans scored 23 points to lead the Kings. Landry added 21 and Udrih scored 18. Be sure and follow up on the progress of this team, and follow all the best NBA action at

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