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By virtue of his standing in NBA history and the 5 NBA championship rings he’ll decide to wear on any specific night, Kobe Bryant can say things his relatively young, less accomplished coach Mike Brown cannot.

Things that former coach Phil Jackson used to claim.

“I’ve won so I’ll (tell people to close up),” Bryant related. “For Mike it may be a little tricky to say that so I will say it for him:

‘Everybody shut up. Let us work. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy with the result as you normally are. ‘”

Bryant claimed he’s been “amused” by the criticism of the Lakers’ new-look Princeton offense as the team got off to its 2nd consecutive 0-2 start regardless of the offseason acquisitions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, comparing it to the team’s struggles to learn the Triangle offense when Jackson came to the team in 1999.

While there are important differences between the Princeton offense and the Triangle offense popularized by Jackson on his championship teams in Chicago and L.A, Bryant asserted the philosophies are close enough that he has great faith it is the right system to maximize the L.A Lakers’ offensive potential.

“I don’t understand,” Bryant claimed with a smile when questioned about the distress the Lakers’ poor start has created among the city. “And I’m trying to bite my tongue and not calling them ‘dumb,’ which I kind of just did.

“But they’ve seen us win multiple championships here in an offense that was tough to learn, that was a sequence of options that weren’t set plays that took 5 men getting on the same page and working together.

Reminded that Jackson’s 6 titles in Chicago gave him more poke when he first sold the Triangle to the Lakers and L.A. than Brown has now, Bryant laughed and asserted, “Yeah. The message changes according to who is giving it. But it’s a sequence of options, it is an equal-opportunity offense, the message is the same thing. NFL betting lines

“The only thing that changes is that now you have Mike Brown telling everyone to be patient. Where back then, it was Phil Jackson telling everybody to shut up.”

Questioned if that was fair to Brown, Bryant recounted, “It’s fair because Phil clearly won and Mike hasn’t won yet. But you have to look at the philosophy, the offensive philosophies. They’re the same kind of philosophies. People have to understand that. It is kind of funny to me to hear the arguments. A lot of individuals took runs at Phil, too, about the offense. What are you doing? That tells you a little bit about some of these people.”

Bryant related he believes in the version of the Princeton offense for the same reasons he began to believe in the Triangle.

“The essence of the offense is everybody sharing the spotlight. Everyone being able to read and react and working as one, that takes time to do,” he claimed.

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