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Kobe Bryant the basketball star has made his first appearance this summer on Tuesday at the South Los Angeles’ famed Drew League and he had wasted no time in getting the reporters to put him on their newspaper’s headlines. The guard for the Los Angeles Lakers has scored 43 points which also includes a game winning buzzer beater which was matched up against Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden. Football scores

The commissioner for Drew League Dino Smiley has disputed a number of Internet and Twitter accounts regarding Bryant who scored 45. As you would probably think from the numbers that Bryant who had recently undergone an offseason platelet rich plasma therapy procedure would probably be suffering from a troublesome right knee but despite that he looked great on the court. It looked as if he just recovered from the flu or something. Baseball scores

Smiley said “He was fresh,” “His spring, his jump shot was nice. Getting to the basket. His jab steps and his footwork. Everything was very good.”

Smiley has tried to keep the possibility of another appearance by Brant under tight wraps but once the superstar had showed up the news quickly hit all parts of cyberspace. Basketball scores

Smiley said “That’s when the line went about 75 yards out the door,” “We had to have a sheriff at the door to keep crowd control. We knew it was going to be an unusual amount of people there.”

The number of fans who had been chanting “Kobe” as he was seen dribbling up the ball to the floor during the final play had storm don to the court to mob the 13 time All Star. Smiley’s recollection was that the reaction was a Drew League first.

He said “We’ve had guys hit game-winners where their teammates run on the floor. Some of their friends may run on the floor,” “But that right there was mind-boggling. That trumped everything.” This was definitely a great play and it shows that this guy as certainly recovered fast. Although there was some visible hesitation in his right leg and we did notice a some stutter we are sure that this is something that some practice and time on the court can fix in no time and especially time for the NBA games.

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