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It might have not been what Pau Gasol was expecting to hear. And it definitely wasn’t the type of blanket – trade him now or don’t trade him at all – answer that Kobe Bryant had asked for. But after some weeks of silence, worry and doubt, Pau Gasol and Lakers managing director Mitch Kupchak did indeed talk to clear the air regarding the Spaniard’s upcoming with the team.

Shortly after Bryant’s very public demand for Lakers managing to present some clarity for the team, and specifically for Gasol, about its plans at the trade cut-off point, Kupchak called Gasol and talked to him at length about the case. Baseball spreads

“I have an understanding of where things are,” Gasol recounted after the Lakers’ shootaround in Detroit on Tuesday, “where they stand and where he stands and where I stand. He [Kupchak] instructed me to simply keep doing what you do, keep playing hard and playing on and from that point on, we’ll see.”

While Kupchak didn’t tell Gasol that he would not be traded, the conversation seemed to go a ways in settling Gasol’s nerves as he hadn’t been given much if any feedback about his status since he was involved in the failed Chris Paul trade in early December.

“It was kind of relaxing to have that feedback,” Gasol said. “Since before training camp, it was actually the 1st time I was approached by them.”

Gasol admitted he was disappointed the conversation failed to happen earlier. As a 4-time All-Star and a key figure in the team’s back-to-back NBA championships in 2009 and 2010, he figured he merited that. Baseball lines

Pau Gasol does seem to see why he hasn’t been told much, however.

“It’s hard because when an organization is going to pull on the trigger [on a trade], I think the less involvement and the less contact, the less complicated it is,” he announced.

The Spaniard stated that he finished the conversation with one request of Kupchak.

“I told him, ‘When there’s something real on the table, just let me know, ‘” he said.

And did he get a perception that would happen?

“Ummm, there’s always potential,” he said, “because things can turn around or they are not willing to give up a certain player that they were before. You’ve got to realize that.”

Again, maybe not the answer he was looking for, but in this case, some clarity was better than the uncertainty and silence he’s had to live with for the previous few months.

“I don’t know what, at the moment, is the state of moves and inclinations and things like that,” he claimed. “But March 15 is closer. I know it’s coming. It’s only what, 9 days? So no matter what in 9 days, we’ll have a solution. That’s the best thing. Cheerfully after that we will be able to put everything behind us.”

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