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Though the Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championships against Boston, they failed to deliver against the Spanish. On Thursday, there was a massive outrage in America as the national champions were completely routed by the Barcelona team. They failed to capitalize on the few opportunities they were given, allowing the Spanish to completely roll over them. The game ended 92-88 after regulation time. Football odds.

For Barcelona, Juan Carlos Navarro scored 25 points and dominated. The whole team was on point and accurate, draining basket after basket. They were impeccable defensively, and it took the Lakers some serious effort to get through. While they were playing the same game, the Spanish had a totally different approach than the Lakers. This certainly caused a few difficulties for the NBA Champs. Football spreads.

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 24 points, but he was basically acting on his own. While the rest of the team had trouble against the Spanish, Pau Gasol managed to get through on several occasions. For the first time ever, a European team beat the NBA Champions. It could have had something to do with the fact that the American team was playing in Spain, but then again, you would think that the Lakers would be able to come through anywhere. Football lines.

A 3-pointer by Mickael put Barcelona ahead 84-78 with under three minutes to go in the game. From there on out, they kept the Lakers subdued, finishing the game in style at the free throw line.  The preseason has kicked off, and the Lakers will be swinging back to the States to build up to the rest of the season. They will be looking to redeem themselves and work up to a strong season. It will take a bit of hard work, but if any team can pull it off, the Lakers would be able to. Be sure and follow it all at

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