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The Los Angeles Lakers had a tough time against the Portland Trail Blazers last night. Feeling invigorated after the All-Star break, the Lakers managed a good victory in their previous game and looked great for when they had to go head to head against the Trail Blazers. However, the Trail Blazers were not intimated and gave the Lakers a run for their money. Vegas odds.

The first quarter started with the Blazers in control. LaMarcus Aldridge did a perfect job, scored a lot of points and was excellent in defense. The Lakers were quickly overrun and trailing. It was a stunning performance from the Trail Blazers which managed to get a 6 point advantage by the end of the first quarter. The score was 23-29 and the Lakers had their feathers ruffled.

The second quarter was a defender’s utopia. The Lakers looked like they managed to rally themselves but Aldridge and the Trail Blazers were not about to back down. It was an even contest, none of the teams could score more than the other and the Trail Blazers managed to keep their 6 point advantage. The half time score was 41-47 and it looked like the Lakers would have to do a bit more if they wanted to win. Betting lines.

However, the Lakers managed to up their game in the second half and, led by Kobe Bryant and Paul Gasol, they quickly started to eat away at their opponent’s advantage. They grabbed the lead a few times in the third quarter but they were unable to keep it. Still, by the end of the third quarter, the difference between the two teams was slim and it looked like something happened to Aldridge.

“This was truly a playoff type of test, because of the crowd and things weren’t going our way,” Bryant stated. “Down seven with like three minutes to go, we just stayed at it. It was a playoff type of game.” Sports scores.

The fourth quarter had so many twists and turns that it looked more like a Hollywood blockbuster. After starting the quarter with a 2 point deficit, the Lakers managed to get the lead but their joy was short lived. The Trail Blazers were up 10 points with just a few minutes to spare and the Lakers had to do something. Somehow they managed to level the score and the game went into overtime. The overtime looked a lot like the rest of the game. The Blazers took the lead, but the Lakers came back and managed to get the win. The final score was 106-101.

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