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Frank McCourt alleges that the MLB commissioner Bud Selig didn’t act in good faith by going ahead and rejecting the team’s television proposal which involved the Los Angeles Dodgers. The allegation is that the commissioner is trying to run the owner of the team out of the sport according to an attorney representing the owner. Baseball odds

Just one day after he announced that he would not approve a Dodgers TV deal with the Fox Sports network which is worth $3 billion the lawyer for the owner Robert Sacks has questioned the commissioners real intentions and has warned that any attempt to take over the team by the MLB would be met with lots of resistance.

Sacks said “There seems to be a predetermined result to drive Frank out of baseball without a good faith basis,” “This isn’t going to go away quietly.”

McCourt had hoped that the commissioner would easily sign off on the deal that would inject $358 million into the team upfront which is vital for the binding settlement between him and his ex wife. The position that McCourt finds himself in right now is the potential to miss a June 30th team payroll requirement and without the TV funds coming in it could lead to a takeover. According to Rob Manfred who is the MLB’s executive vice president of labor relations said that the next move for Selig is unknown but said that the league treated the owner fairly and was not interested in seeing him be over burdened with more debt.

Manfred said “Mr. McCourt was told early on he needed an equity solution,” “The entire history with Mr. McCourt and baseball shows he’s been given numerous exceptions that were club-specific to assist him. If anything he’s been treated more favorably than other clubs.” Football betting lines

Sacks said “If the commissioner wasn’t prepared to approve the transaction, he should have told Frank so he could pursue other avenues,” Sacks said. “I think I would say the commissioner has put the team in a cash-flow bind and Frank is reviewing his options to address that situation as best he can given MLB’s unwarranted action.” “Baseball has had visibility into everything,”

The settlement has now been voided because of the commissioner’s decision. According to Sacks the trial could be shelved and it would be Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon which decides how things are handled. Basketball scores

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