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The MLB investigators are working to appoint a date in order to speak with the New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez about his involvement in the high stakes poker game which ended up with a fight breaking out according to sources with knowledge of this situation. Odds

Rodriguez’s close ally has said “They have not spoken with Alex yet “But both sides are working to get it done fairly soon.”

According to this source the conversation should take place within the next few weeks probably while Rodriguez is recovering from his right knee injury which was previously operated on back in July to repair a torn meniscus. According to the source “scheduling issues on both sides” at the moment are preventing any type of meeting. But in the meanwhile the publicist Richard Rubenstein had issued a story saying that the original story which was published by a supermarket tabloid magazine about drugs, violence and high stakes poker games “contains numerous factual inaccuracies. Alex looks forward to cooperating with Major League Baseball’s investigation.”

When asked if the player had never played any of these illegeal games Rubenstein said “I’m sticking with my statement.”

Among these allegations there is also a story that it was Rodriguez who was present at the game along with actors Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. In some games cocaine was used openly at the table and a fight nearly broke out at one of the games when a player had refused to pay a huge amount. Scores

There was another story which also placed Rodriguez at the game with the tennis star Pete Sampras. Rubenstein said  “Not only has Alex never played in a game with Pete Sampras, Alex has never met Pete Sampras. The tabloid reporting is preposterous.” The games were allegedly taking place in a mansion located in Beverly Hills owned by Cody Libel. Vegas odds

Rodriguez said as he signed autographs prior to taking to the media “I feel good. A good day today. Encouraging first day out there on the field and felt pretty good,” “Hopefully 5, 10 percent more every day and see over the next four, five days (how it goes),” he added  “It will be a big key to see when I can actually get back on the field for real.”

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