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QB Peyton Manning, still trying to get healthy after missing the 2011 season because of neck surgery, described the Colts’ facilities as “not a real good environment” right now and said he has “no concept” if he will be with the team following season.

In a scoop interview, the quarterback said owner Jim Irsay will make the last call as to whether the team picks up his $28 million bonus in early March or comes to a decision to cut him loose. Football lines

He said the firing of Jim Caldwell and resulting upheaval of the staff has influenced him as he attempts to come back to the field next season.

“I’m not in an exceedingly good place for healing, let’s assume that,” he revealed. “It’s not real good surroundings down there at this time, to say the least. Everyone’s walking around on eggshells. I don’t recognize our building right now. There’s such complete and total change.”

Manning claimed he met with new GM Ryan Grigson last week and was told that Irsay would resolve whether the quarterback will stay with the Indianapolis Colt. Football betting lines

Manning claimed a meeting with Irsay “is going to occur at some specific point, but we haven’t had that talk yet as we really do not need to have that conversation yet.”

He reiterated that he wants to remain with the Colts but realizes it’s not his call solely to make. He also made it clear that he is not contemplating abandonment right now.

“I don’t want to get into a kind of fan campaign with the owner, but I think it’s well documented that I want to play in the same place my whole career,” Manning claimed. “It’s been a privilege to play here. I like the fans, the town, the metamorphosis of the fans, how our place has become the hardest stadium to play in, the incontrovertible fact our fans wear more jerseys to games than anybody else. It’s been fun to take part in that.

“But I understand how it works. I understand tough calls have to be made. There’s personal and there’s business and here’s where we need to separate the 2. I’ve seen other players leave places which was personal. I’ve invested too much into this city for that to happen. We live here, we’ve given a lot of time and money to the community and our church, and that’s never going to change. Nothing changes that.

“Whatever it is happens. I can’t give you a prophecy because Jim and I’m going to sit down at some particular point and he will get an understanding of where i am and I will get a feeling of what direction he would like to go. Now, I have no idea.”

Manning, who announces he’s at the team’s training facility daily for his rehab process, has had a front-row seat for the team’s turnover.

“I guess it’s the unvarnished reality of the football world, just not something I have had to address very often. But I’m in there every day, so I have to sit there and see it. Everybody’s being rated and I’m not really any different. It’s not the best environment,” he claimed.

“I just wish to pay tribute to all those men. It’s unlucky because so many of them have been such a big part of so many enormous wins here, and this is so unexpected. Their keys failed to work the following day. There’s no other way to do it? I do not know. That’s difficult to see, all of these folks leaving.

“And I might be behind them. Who knows?”

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