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Manny Ramirez submitted documents requesting the reinstatement to the list of retired players for Major League Baseball in order to return to the diamond and hired new agents, sources said on Sunday. Football scores

Ramirez faces 50-game suspension when he returns, instead of 100 games, the source said. Ramirez already served a sentence of 50 games suspension in 2009 when he was playing with Los Angeles Dodgers and was notified of another violation of the controlled substances regulations last April while training with the Tampa Bay Rays when he opted to retire from baseball. Baseball scores

A second time violation of the league’s policy results in a suspension of 100 game penalty and people related to baseball simply understand that if Ramirez had stayed in baseball last April, he had already served his sentence of 100 games suspension. At the end, after Ramirez serve his sentence of 50 game, in the event he was able to sign with another team, he will serve a sentence greater than 100 games had originally complied while still a member of the Rays.

Sources indicated that the MLB and the players’ union negotiated an agreement as Ramirez was out of action most of last season. Through the agreement in the making, if Ramirez will join a major league team during the break, he will fulfill a suspension of 206 games: the last 156 of 2011 plus the first 50 of 2012.

The teams have been notified of the suspension of 50 games, the sources said. The clock starts ticking at the moment until he actually signs with a team.

It is quite possible that Ramirez signs with a team during spring training and then begins serving his sentence of 50 games. It is now a matter of a team risks in signing Ramirez, who has been training in South Florida in preparation for his return.

Ramirez said in September that he would formally request reinstatement, after being informed that he could not play winter ball in Dominican Republic.

“If any team wants to sign me, I would play,” Ramirez said in September. “If no one does, I would look to play in Japan or any other place. I was not prepared for retirement.”

Ramirez, who was born in Santo Domingo, and grew up in Washington Heights neighborhood of New York, he last played in the Dominican league with Aguilas in the 1993-94 season.

Ramirez hit .243 with two homers, 15 doubles and 28 RBIs in three seasons with Aguilas, between 1991 and 1994, before becoming one of the best hitters in baseball history.

The outfielder batted .312 with 555 homers and RBIs 1.831 in 19 seasons with Cleveland, Boston, Dodgers, Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay.

He also faces criminal prosecution in Florida on charges that he beat his wife Juliana in the face during a recent discussion and paid $2.500 for release. He told investigators that he just grabbed his wife by the shoulders during an argument and “shrugged” her, causing her to hit her head on the headboard of their bed.

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