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After he exploded for ten touchdowns in 2010 and got a big new deal before the 2011 season, Jacksonville tight end Marcedes Lewis figured to be a regular at the end section as he followed up his important season. Football odds

Instead, Lewis became invisible as an end-zone threat in a season when struggling rookie QB Blaine Gabbert really needed one.

On a team lacking receiving weapons, it was a disappearance the Jacksonville Jaguars merely couldn’t survive.

A year later, Lewis claims the significant family distractions that hurt his focus and his game will be cleared up before training camp. He’s had the full assistance of a new coaching staff that’s wanted to provide assistance, and everybody anticipates better things.

“It’s virtually done,” Lewis related a couple of weeks back of wrapping up the family problems in California that dented his work focus last year. “I’ll be done before camp this year.

“I’ve dealt with it a little bit over twelve months now, and I’m just excited that things will get handled before camp.”

During last year’s lockout, Lewis engaged in MMA training in California that was supposed to help his game. But the fruits of that were never super-apparent.

“In the run-game it probably did help,” Lewis said. “There were such a lot of variables last year that made a contribution to last year, but it is last year for a reason.”

Lewis declared he has had healthy conversations with Coach Mike Mularkey, and appreciates the team’s support. The tight end said he can look Mularkey in the eye and know the coach has no concealed agendas that “he actually cares about you.”

“We realize he has had some personal issues, and they’re important to us as well,” Mularkey said. “I think these guys are starting to see that we’re enthusiastic about what’s happening in their lives off the field, and would like them to have success off the field, because they have a lot of life to live when this game’s over with.

“So we do go out of the way to see what we are able to do to help every single one of these players. Understanding he probably did have an argument last year that he’s still working thru, and is hopefully coming to a conclusion here quite shortly. We’re on his part, and we’ll do whatever we can to help him.”

One concept that we shouldn’t expect to get much traction is the thinking that Lewis can be some type of security blanket for Gabbert. There had been some displeasure in the building last season, because the relationship didn’t work.

Lewis declared he would very much like to be that man for Gabbert.

But Gabbert echoed the sentiment of Mularkey on the concept. They both related the progressions dictate where the QB goes with the ball, and it’s about the progressions, not finding a fellow that’s somehow especially comfy to throw to. The security blanket is the offense, not one of the guys in the offense.

Still, Lewis should have room more often in those advancements, as an upgrade in threats on the fringe in the shape of Laurent Robinson and Justin Blackmon will force defenders to fret more about what’s unfolding outside.

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