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It looks like the recent surge we have seen from the Baltimore Orioles has come to an end. They were completely destroyed by the Seattle Mariners all week long. They have been on a demolition derby against other teams since coming under the tutelage of Buck Showalter. The manager has led many other teams to victory over the years, and looks to be doing the same with the Orioles. They will have a much better 2011 than 2010 season. The game came to an end on the back of some surprisingly strong hitting from Seattle. It ended 6-5 after nine innings. Vegas odds.

Throughout the season, the Mariners have been amongst the bottom teams in the nation. So have the Orioles, even with their recent win streak considered. This was a showdown between two of the worst teams, and the Mariners took the game. Does that say much about them as a team? Well, not really, but it was a solid performance nonetheless. Betting lines.

It was the brilliant Seattle player, Matt Tuiasosopo, who saved the game. In the past two games, he has had home runs that determined the outcome of the match up. During the game on Wednesday, he had a rare fielding performance that left the whole team, and indeed the whole stadium, amazed. Tuiasosopo had two homers and seven RBIs over the last two nights, and now he is credited with preventing the game-tying run in the eighth inning. His diving catch ended all hopes of the Orioles. Sports scores.

The rest of the season looks bleak for both of these teams. However, not all hope is lost. They can still end on a high note, and prepare for a solid showing in the 2011 season. Be sure and follow the rest of their games at

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