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In  a strange twist of fate, the Seattle Mariners have defeated the powerful Texas Rangers in a game on Tuesday. It was a drawn out game, both teams were pushing hard for a win. The Mariners snapped their seven game losing streak with a home run, quite a way to change it up. It ended up being 3-2 after nine innings of surprises.

With Seattle having found its offensive side, woken it up, and gotten it ready to play, these guys have a rough situation to get out of. They have had so many losses; they are now considered one of the easiest teams in the league to defeat. The Rangers most likely underestimated them, and thought that it would be a breeze to cruise to victory on Tuesday. Seattle had something to say about that.

Their pitching was decent, their fielding looked somewhat collected, and their batting was good enough to send them off as winners. Franklin Gutierrez had an interesting game; he bunted the first run in, and then blasted a home run to push the game forward in the fifth.

His offensive performance was backed by the pitching and the fielding, both, which were good enough to close the game against Texas.  Started Jason Vargas pulled himself together, he allowed just three hits and two runs in over six innings. This was his first victory in over a month.  It must feel good for Seattle to have broken the losing streak. They looked inspired on the field on Tuesday.

Texas failed to defeat the Mariners, and in a rare show of weakness, missed many big opportunities at bat. This is the team that has been having their best season ever. As usual, you can never predict a baseball game, but the odds were stacked against Seattle. It seems the home field advantage came into play. Be sure and follow the Mariners and the Rangers as they finish things up, as always, at, home of the absolute best sports betting information on the Internet.

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