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The Miami Marlins will mightily court Yoenis Cespedes Wednesday, but on Tues. the Cuban free agent asserted he already is keen on the team. Betting lines

“It would be good (to play here),” Cespedes said to reporters on Tuesday. “There are a lot of Cubans and they would support me a lot. Hopefully I’ll play for the Marlins.”

Marlins president David Samson accepted that his team is likely to meet with Cespedes on Wednesday in Miami and said the club could make Cespedes a proposal by the close of the day. Football scores

“I do not know how tomorrow will be,” Samson recounted. “But it would not amaze me if it stopped with a proposal.”

Cespedes received a visitor’s visa to go from the Dominican Republic to the US and teams can deal with him and his representative, Adam Katz. Sports scores

Samson said the club has been “negotiating forcibly” in its accomplishment of Cespedes, but drew a difference between Miami’s benefit in Cespedes and its signings of Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell earlier in the offseason. He announced the Marlins view Cespedes as a signing that could “put the cherry on top” of a feverish offseason, but have just established clear limits on their bidding for a player with no past record in pro baseball.

“We want him, but we do not need him,” Samson declared. “The variation is this: When you want a player, you aggressively go out and try to sign him. When you need him, that’s when negotiations get really one-sided.”

Cespedes, a 26-year-old outfielder, is tied with Fernando Despaigne for the Cuban League’s home run record with 32.

“There is no query we’re assertive in evaluating this player,” Samson declared. “We feel he is an excellent player and he’ll be a good player. And we are willing to do something impressive, in my judgment. But it may not match what he thinks is spectacular. And it may not match what other teams are prepared to do.”

Cespedes will return to the Dominican Republic in one or two days, a source asserted. He should then wait for a working visa from the Dominican before he will be able to work in the United States.

Before in the offseason, the Marlins were one of a few teams that looked at Cespedes as a player who could probably be ready to play in the big leagues by Opening Day. Now, Samson said, “that gets less sure with each day that passes and he is not playing games.”

Cespedes had 35 at-bats in the Dominican winter league, going 5 for 35 with one home run, ten strikeouts and no walks. It was his 1st action since last March.

“So he’d come to spring training and have to win a task,” Samson recounted. “He’d certainly be invited to major league camp, and he’d be given each opportunity to show that 10 months of passivity can be erased in one spring training. We’d reserve the right to send him to the minor leagues if we felt he wasn’t ready. But when you’re considering an agreement at this stage, it isn’t to play in the minor leagues.”

It was not right away known if Cespedes, who was declared a free agent last month, aimed to rendezvous with other groups. The Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles are reportedly interested in him.

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