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The Mavericks will be playing against the Denver Nuggets in a game later on today that is sure to deliver some great results. Both teams are coming into the game on a 2-1 record, and are looking to take a win no matter what. There are sure to be many magnificent plays during this game, and that is a fact. The Nuggets head in with a couple if cunning plays backing them up. The team plans on moving up to a 3-1 start this season, no matter what they have to do. However, the Mavericks will not go down without a fight. At the moment, both teams have a tied record, and the game looks like it will be very exciting. Odds.

While the Mavericks have incredible defense this year, the Nuggets are not doing too bad themselves. The Mavs are coming in with only 86.7 average points allowed, while they have taken 96.7 as an average on offense. The Denver Nuggets stand with 104 average points for them per game, and have been allowing 94.3 points per game so far. This will be a chance for the two teams to battle it out and see which one is the superior one on the court. Scores.

You can expect a good game from the Mavs, as always. They will attempt to break through the Nuggets’ strong defensive line, and drive to the basket with conviction. The Nuggets will need to be ready for them, as the Mavs will come in with all they’ve got in an effort to take the game. The rest of the season lies ahead, and teams that build an early lead often do better down the road as the playoffs approach. Be sure and follow up and see who wins at, home of the best sports betting information on the Internet. Las Vegas odds.

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