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We’ve all been making a bit of fun of Miami Heat lately, and they were worth it. Losing those games as they did was quite bewildering. But sports teams must not only be criticized when they fail, the must also be commended when they win. And Miami Heat most certainly turned it around against one of the most powerful teams in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers. Vegas odds.

This one was extremely important for both teams, but probably just a bit more for the Heat. Miami’s determination to win it was evident from the start of the game, but against the Lakers it’s always hard. Bynum and Kobe proved to be a worthy match for James, Wade and Bosh, so the first quarter was extremely tight. The score was 26-29, and so far there was nothing new, the Heat were always ahead at half time in the games they previously lost.

“We didn’t want to run away from this,” Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat coach, stated. “We didn’t want to hide from any of this. We want to get better. We want to make sure our game is right and ready when it really counts.” Betting lines.

The teams continued their battle in the second quarter, and none could really get the upper hand. The Heat kept pushing and the Lakers kept coming back, it was a superb quarter, riddled with amazing feats from amazing players. The score was 27-26, which brought the first half score to 53-55.

And as it has happened in their previous games, the Miami Heat were dreadful in the third quarter. It is already becoming something of a nuisance, but this time, even if they were not able to score more than 13 points, they at least could keep the Lakers down to 17. This got the overall score to 70-68.

“We didn’t protect the rim,” Kobe Bryant stated. “We’ve done a good job and then in the fourth quarter we let Wade get all the way to the basket on those screen-and-roll actions and it cost us.”

But surprising enough, as the fourth quarter progressed, the Heat got back their composure. They started the quarter much like they ended the third and the Lakers kept adding to their lead, but towards the end, the Heat players stopped missing, and they were finally able to grab the advantage. It all ended 88-94, and this might be just what the Heat needed. Sports scores.

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