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According to the SEC commissioner Mike Slive recent headlines which have come from across the country have laid bare a more dark side of the huge collect sports industry to the point where they have now lost the benefit of the doubt. Keeping that in mid Slive then opened the Southeastern Conference media days yesterday by first outlining a few proposals which will change what the NCAA does in terms of raising their academic requirements for incoming freshmen players to also paying athletes the full cost of their scholarships. NFL lines

Slive said that he would normally use the platform to test recent successes like national titles in baseball and football “We don’t have the luxury of acting as if it’s business as usual,” “And that’s been made clear by the headlines emanating from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Gulf to the Great Lakes. “As NCAA president Mark Emmert has observed, the events giving rise to these headlines indicate that intercollegiate athletics has lost the benefit of the doubt.”

He stated that there is a negative perception of these big money college sports which result in a number of infractions similar to the Ohio State case to several of his own member schools which casts a shadow over the extraordinary student-athletes throughout the country” and need to be changed. This definitely has cast a shadow over the league for years which has captured the last five national football tittle as well some other dubious attention. NFL betting lines

Just one day earlier the NCAA has placed the LSU on a one year probation for major violations which they were recruiting a junior player for their football team. Both Auburn and Tennessee are now waiting on a verdict from the investigation which transfers the attention from Slive would need it to be i.e. on field. The SEC also wants to change the requirements for prepping athlethes which make satisfactory progress as their core courses for each year so that they do not get left behind when graduation comes near. He also said that there should be an increase in requmrents for eligibility from a mere 2.0 GPA to 2.5 and 16 core classes as well as restoration of the partial qualifiers. Football odds

The coach for Arkansas Bobby Petrino said “I kind of agree with the thought of ‘Let’s toughen the college requirements,’” “Let’s make these guys all take the same classes their freshman year. Let’s take care of our business in college. I agree a lot with the commissioner, let’s find a way to bring them back and get their degrees.”

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