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Joe Mauer has led the Minnesota Twins to a many solid performances this year. They are in the mix for the lead and the title of the AL-Central. The Twins played off against the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday to delivered an impressive victory. They have been really racking up the wins in recent weeks, and looking better than ever on the field. The game ended 9-3 after nine innings. Vegas odds.

The Twins have come to power on a simple formula. They play well, don’t give many runs and win without severe injuries. The Minnesota team has a unique style – old school skills with new school flare. They are a serious baseball team that gets the job done when it is most important to. At the plate, they proved potent and effective. Mauer had three hits, including a three-run homer, to help bring his team to victory. Betting lines.

The Twins have been particularly successful at the mound lately. They are known to pitch brilliant games, and Twins starter Brian Duensing led this one. He was recently moved up in the ranks to starter, and has since given spectacular opening games for his team. On Wednesday, he pitched six innings, allowing two runs, scattering nine hits, striking out four and walking one.  Duensing completely outfoxed the White Sox, tripping them up with a slippery combination of pitches. Sports scores.

They played methodical baseball all throughout the game. Get a hit, score a run and don’t get tagged out – that was their aim. After doing this good all year long, the Twins are not about to slow down. If they keep playing this way, they will definitely take the Central and be off to the postseason. Be sure and follow it all at

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