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The Seattle Mariners have been having a terrible time; they have lost a lot of games in recent weeks and are plummeting in the standings. They just haven’t been able to get any traction and push for a victory. The Twins are the most recent team to walk all over them, they took the game on Sunday by storm, and it ended in a 4-0 shutout.

The Twins are a leading team in the national rankings; they have some amazing players that really keep the team rolling. Everything they do is great, their pitching is amazing, and their batting falls right in line behind the work at the mound.

The three game sweep of the Mariners saw the Twins gaining, they look refreshed, as if their recent games against two of the worst teams in the country allowed them some rest. Cruising to an easy shutout, team manager Ron Gardenhire says his boys are looking forward to their 10 game road trip against some of the best.

Here is how it went down on Sunday, they started off strong, a great performance at the mound netted them another shutout. Francisco Liriano led his team to an expedited victory, his backup came in strong and finished the competition off. Batting for the Twins, Jason Kubel netted himself a three run double, and the bullpen finished as strong as it was started.

This was their eighth straight victory and second straight sweep so in recent weeks, they faced some tough times at the hands of some stronger teams, but managed to hold onto their second place in the AL-Central. They now face the Rays, the Indians and Chicago on their road tour, and are looking forward to the challenge. Be sure and follow up on the Twins as they continue to impress, as always at, home of the best sports betting data on the internet.

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