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The Players Association NBA will meet in New York in a meeting that could decide the end of the league’s lockout or complicate the situation further. Representatives from 30 teams are expected to participate in the league and other players, who should consider a seven-page summary of the NBA’s latest offer made from the owners of teams looking for a new collective labor agreement.

Athletes face many options from sending the decision to a vote to reject it outright. The meeting could answer the big question that is heard from the lockout started on July 1. There will be 2011-2012 NBA season?

The proposal of the owners had not yet reached all the attendees, people who will be in the NBPA had not yet seen the offer, leaving questions about how decision may be taken at the meeting. Football scores

“We haven’t asked for anything more than what we had,” Miami Heat player representative James Jones said Sunday. “We understand the times. We understand the economy. We just want a fair deal where both sides are bearing the weight of the present times and with an eye on the future of the game of basketball.”

It sounds so simple. But it’s not.

Things may finally become clear this week, for this meeting the Union can decide whether basketball will be played or not this season.

Some estimate that the team’s payroll will exceed $100 million over the next five years or so, even to the chagrin of many owners. Commissioner David Stern warned that if this offer is rejected, the owners will present a harsher one and the owners could keep around another $120 million of income related to basketball, or BRI, each year, along with other problems that players didn’t want, will take its place. Baseball scores

“We’re not going to cancel the season this week,” Stern said. “We’re just going to present them what we told them we would.”

The NBA league wants to organize a season of 72 games per team (the normal number is 82) as of December 15. For this to happen, the parties must reach an initial agreement this week. The commissioner said that it takes 30 days to start the season after an agreement is reached.

The memo contains 17 items, including the proposal that the teams that exceed the salary cap can not buy some free players from the season 2012-2013. In one of the key points comes on Page 5, the NBA says that “there will be no limitations on a player’s ability to receive 100% guaranteed salary in all seasons of a contract.”

Players are warned not to accept a deal in which the contracts are not guaranteed.

“I’m going to sit down take a look at the deal and analyze it,” Minnesota player rep Anthony Tolliver said Sunday, as the lockout reached Day 136. “Not like it’s the first offer or the last offer, but just as one where I’ll say ‘Would I or my teammates want to play under these conditions?’ ”

Among the other points of the current proposal, as indicated in the summary sent to Billy Hunter from the NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver:

• The union will choose between accepting either a 50-50 split of BRI or a band where they may receive between 49 percent and 51 percent, depending on economic projections.

• All teams may still use a mid-level exception, though the rules vary considerably depending on whether a franchise is above or below the luxury-tax level.

• Minimum team payrolls would be at least 85 percent of the salary cap in 2011-12 and 2012-13, and 90 percent starting in 2013-14.

• Luxury tax rates would rise after the third year of the deal.

• Maximum contract lengths would not exceed five years, and annual raises would be cut significantly to a maximum of 6.5 percent.

• There would be an “amnesty” provision where a team would be permitted to waive one player before any season, if that player was under contract at the inception of the CBA, and have his salary removed from the team’s totals for luxury-tax and salary-cap purposes.

Still, some players sound skeptical that the offer they will see Monday will be enough for basketball to start up again. However, some players sound skeptical about the offer will be enough for basketball to start over again.

“I was a little bit more hopeful last week than I am this week,” Tolliver said. “I’m trying not to be too negative but it’s kind of hard not to when it’s been this long and this many meetings. It’s hard not to get continuously more pessimistic by the day. Hopefully this deal will blow me away in a good way. But it’s hard to believe that’s going to be the case.”

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