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Rarely the NFL modifies rules to affect the league’s offense. This was not the case since the NFL agreed to modify rules for kickoffs and instant replay for next season. The new rule for kickoffs will be moving the 30 to the 35-yard line while the other rule to have the booth replay official review all scoring, was also altered. The kickoff rule received a 26-6 approval while the one on instant replays passed with a 30-2. Odds.

The change in the kickoff rule was done to adjust the running starts for the coverage team before the kickoff. Before the rule modification was made, coverage players could gain a 10 to 15 yard start before the kicker could kick the ball. Thanks to the new rule, players will only have a 5 yard running start which will be a slight disadvantage for the offense. This change will also protect some football players from getting injured.

Rich McKay, the committee chariman, claimed that many coaches were concerned about a major increase in high kicks from the 35th yard made to trap returning teams deep and strongly decreasing the number of returns. The two an wedge was not a driving force in the uptick in injuries on kickoffs. However, more injuries occurred in coverage than on the return teams. Scores.

After the rule modifications were announced, several players expressed their reactions in their Twitter accounts. Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester and Cleveland Browns’ returner Josh Cribbs didn’t approve the new kickoff rule and reacted negatively towards it.

Some Coaches pushed for the change in great part because they felt they didn’t get a fair shake in road games. Las Vegas odds.

We’ll see how these new rules adapt to the game at the start of next season… if there’s no lockout obviously. So, stay tuned!

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