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Well, everyone was amazed when Roger Federer was ousted from the tournament at Wimbledon by the worlds no. 82, but the biggest surprise came when Rafael Nadal took the title. After a knee injury rendered him unable to play in 2009, he came back stronger than ever in 2010 to show the world what he is capable of.

The Spanish dynamo has been all over the media recently, even appearing in a music video with Shakira.  He has been training hard and really focusing on his game lately, and the results have been self-evident.

Many people do not like the tennis season; they complain that it is plagued. They complain that it takes too long to finish, that it starts too early, and that instead of an explosive final, it sometimes just peters out into nothing. This year however, there has been some perks.

Many people are claiming that the newest rising king of tennis is Rafael Nadal. After Federer has had some tough times recently, many are calling his game out dated. Players like Robin Soderling and Nadal have been leading the charge in progressive, innovative tennis, and are bringing in all the fans.

Another big name and hopeful for this years Wimbledon tournament was Andy Roddick, but he failed to deliver on his promise. He claimed that he would defeat Roger Federer in payback for the final last year where he was defeated in one of the best games in the sports history.

Federer who has won 16 majors is touted as the best player, both from a statistical and an aesthetic standpoint to ever have played tennis. As always though, there are people that take the king off his throne, and this time, it will most likely be Rafael Nadal who claims the title of best ever as the year progresses and he comes back into tennis full swing.

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