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The New Jersey Nets will be facing off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game on Wednesday. Both teams will be pressing for the win, and at the moment, it looks like the Cavs will take it. They are coming in with a better record, and have been doing better this season. The Nets, on the other hand, are struggling. The New Yorkers have been getting ruthlessly hammered by their opponents all season long. Vegas odds.

Things look good for the Cavs, as they have been playing better basketball this year. They are coming into the game on a 4-3 record, and have been solid. Steadily sitting on a three game win streak, this team has been giving up 100.6 points on the defensive, while taking 98.7 points on offense. The Cavs are one of the only teams to have beaten the Celtics this year, another team that is on a great roll. Betting lines.

The Nets stand with a 2-5 record at the moment, and have been struggling. Though their defensive line has only let 97.6 points through, they have been pretty slack on the offensive. The Nets have only averaged 91.1 points per game this season. With the way they have been playing, their chances against the Cavaliers don’t look too good. There have been some interesting games this season from the Nets. They have had a few fantastic games, and the two victories they have had were certainly ones to remember. Sports scores.

The Cavaliers have emerged as a threatening team this year, despite the fact that they have 3 losses. They are doing well on the court, and always appear to be focused. The truth is that this game will be a crucial turning point for them. If they can get to four straight wins, it will really help them progress this year. Be sure and check the game out at

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