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Watching the ridiculous situation going on with the NBA lockout has me now anxious for the excitement of the NCAA tournament and “March Madness”. True basketball with student athletes and not overpriced and selfish players is what makes the collegiate game unique. The student body enthusiasm, the alumni dedication and the unpredictability of the tournament provide and excitement unmatched by the NBA. Basketball betting lines

The NBA is predictable. Far too often he team with the most money has the resources to buy a championship. In the NCAA schools with significant budgets often are defeated in the tournament by smaller cinderalla teams. The one game elimination process is far superior to long and protracted series. On any given day any team can deteat “Goliath”. The NCAA has a special commodity in the tournament that has become one of the most celebrated and highest rated series of events in television history. It is right behind the Summer Olympics and the Superbowl in popularity.

The NCAA was seriously threatened when the NBA allowed younger players skip the collegiate ranks or leave early to enter into the league. The quality of talent and play was admittedly impacted. The NCAA and NBA have come together and rectified this problem with new rules increasing the age of players entering the draft. It is also increasing scholarship resources for student athletes to help them address the increasing cost of the college experience. The NCAA is readjusting conference membership and reviewing acacemic policies for the student athletes. Bottom line is that the NCAA is getting its act together.

A message to the NBA. Take your time and come back to us whenever you like. We have a better option in March of 2012 that will satisfy our taste and love for the game. It is called “March Madness”. Baseball odds

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