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Many voices have claimed that the Denver Nuggets are better without Carmelo Anthony, and recent events are kind of proving that. The New York Knicks are just 6-4 since they added Carmelo and Chauncey Billups to their squad (note that Billups was not available for the last 6 games because of injury), while the Denver Nuggets are crushing almost everything in their path. On Thursday night, the Nuggets traveled to the Phoenix Suns with their spirits high and their game all figured out. Odds.

The Nuggets looked extremely confident in the first quarter, and they quickly got the upper hand. The lead was theirs, and it finally looked like their coach, George Karl would win in Phoenix. For those of you who don’t know, no team coached by George Karl has won in Phoenix since 1997 (that’s more than 13 years!!!). But the score after the first quarter was 30-25, and Karl could hope.

“‘97, that is a long time ago,” George Karl stated. “You don’t like records like that. As old as I get, I still don’t like places I don’t play well in. It comes at a good time. We are still searching for our personality and how we can come together.” Scores.

The Denver Nuggets continued doing an awesome job in the second quarter. But the Suns are by no chance a poor team, and they were able to keep themselves close enough to cause concern. But even with that, the Nuggets still managed to add another 5 points to their lead. The score of the second quarter was 29-24, which brought the overall score to 59-49.

“We had a lot of motivation going into this game. We haven’t won here in seven years,” Ty Lawson stated. “Everybody was playing well. Our bench, our starters, we were playing together. It was the most complete game we have played.”

The first two quarters were great for the Nuggets, but the third was absolutely great. They simply gave nothing to their opposition. Their defense was rock solid and their offense was irresistible. They managed to add another 14 points to their lead, and the game was all but over. The score of the third quarter was 31-17, which brought the overall score to 90-66.

The Nuggets slowed down in the fourth quarter and allowed the Suns to cut the deficit by 5 points. The score was 26-31 and the Nuggets won the game, 116-97. Las Vegas odds.

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