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During his 19-year tenurein the NBA, center Shaquille O’Neal was never shy about taking shots at his fellow players or even legends long-since retired. So, it shouldn’t be any amaze that in “ShaquilleUncut : My Story,” a new book helped write with ESPN analyst and correspondent Jackie MacMullan and due out Nov. Fifteen, includes more of the same. Basketball scores

In snippets provided to the media, previous teammates and Hall of Famers alike find themselves once again in O’Neal’s crosshairs.

According to O’Neal, his former colleague Kobe Bryant disobeyed a 2003 coaching staff directive to stop in public criticizing each other. Instead, he quickly did a chat with then-ESPN reporter Jim Gray and criticized the center’s suitability and the seriousness of a lingering toe injury. NFL scores

“Kareem was never around. And, everytime I did see him, he usually ignored me. The disheartening thing to me was, being in Los Angeles So many years and making an attempt to fill those shoes, I would have liked to have a dialogue with him … He’d say hello, but I was searching for, ‘Hey, do this ‘ or ‘Watch out for that. ‘ He knew everybody was balancing me to him. He knew better than anybody what I was up against, but he gave me zilch.” — Shaq on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

With tensions already brewing high because of Bryant’s sexual attack case and O’Neal’s uncertain contract standing, the 2 blew up at one another and a volatile relationship grew far worse. O’Neal also claims Bryant complained to then-general executive Jerry West about excessive newbie hazing.

In 2008, O’Neal recalls a blowup at practice with then-head coach Pat Riley, where the two almost came to a brawl . As a consequence, according to the center, “My ticket out of Miami was punched.”

O’Neal and LeBron James were squad during James ‘ final season in Cleveland as fears swirled over his exit. As a result, claims O’Neal, the organization catered to James by making him off limits to feedback.

O’Neal also takes issues with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The 2 may share ancestry in a line of fantastic Laker centers, but in Shaq’s eyes, the elder center was reluctant to share any advice or suggestions.

“Kareem was never around. And, whenever I did see him, he usually ignored me. The disheartening thing to me was, being in L.A. All those years and making an attempt to fill those shoes, I might have liked to have a chat with him …

“He’d say hi, but I was looking for, ‘Hey, do this ‘ or ‘Watch out for that. ‘ He knew everybody was comparing me to him. He knew better than anyone what I was up against, but he gave me nothing.”

Abdul-Jabbar answered to these criticisms with a post on his personal Facebook page.

“I went down to LSU and worked with Shaq on the basics of the Skyhook as a favor to teach Dale Brown. I spent time with Shaq in the gymnasium and gave him some drills he could use to develop the hook shot. But when I followed up with his Coach, Dale Brown, I was told that Shaq’s father told his son he didn’t have to develop a hook shot and all he wanted to … Do was smash everything into the basket. Shaq’s fathers felt that he was so overwhelming physically that he should just dunk everything and not fret about developing a refinement shot like the Skyhook,” he wrote.

Abdul-Jabbar added : “As an expert I never sought Shaq because I believed he was pretty successful dunking everything and I presumed he didn’t want my help. Further, I wasn’t on the coaching staff of any of his teams. I was never unpleasant to him and I might talk to him, but Shaq was enjoying his success, doing it his way. He never asked me of what I believed he should be doing and he never tried to reach out to me for any instruction and I respected that call.

“If I had any concept that Shaq wanted to learn from me, I would’ve been happy to have worked with him, but all signs I had received was that he believed he was doing fine and he didn’t want or need my help. I am fully surprised by Shaq’s comments as I attempted to respect his privacy and never got any indication from any individual that he wanted or required any feedbackfrom me with respect to how he played the game. Shaq had a great career, and I like everyone else, respect what he has accomplished.”

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