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As the state now heads into its meeting on Friday with the NCAA committee on the infractions it now appears that the university’s dealing with the NCAA regarding the issues with its current football program does not end at this. The NCAA has notified the university via a letter just last week that he issue is still under investigation and other issues are now being resolved. This result could possibly be the second notice of allegations as part of their second trip through the NCAA’s system. Vegas odds

Jim Lynch of the OSU said that the president Gordon Gee had gotten a letter from the NCAA on the 3rd of Aug but it said “absolutely nothing about additional allegations.”

Lynch said “The university has not received any additional allegations from the NCAA.” “As a member institution, we are committed to working together with the NCAA to examine any information concerning potential violations of NCAA legislation. Betting lines  We do not anticipate discussing any additional allegations with the Committee on Infractions on Friday other than those self reported in March, 2011.”

On July 21st the official summary of the case was sent to the NCAA enforcement staff which notified Ohio State that it is not charging the school with what it terms as “failure to monitor” their players which resulted in violations which ended up with players selling team memorabilia to a local tattoo parlor owner. Sports scores  The staff had then concluded that the charge will definitely being forth heavy penalties and was unwarranted owing to the athletic department’s efforts when it comes to educating the coaches and players about the NCAA rules regarding extra benefits.

There have been a number of media report which have come out of the school and have received its notice of allegations. The notice has alleged that the then Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel had committed what it termed as unethical misconduct among many other charges.

Jim Lynch the spokesman for Ohio state said “… We will not be able to discuss details of our active investigation with the NCAA until the matter has been resolved,” But it seems as though the problems for the university are still far from going away and the media frenzy is just adding more fuel to the fire.

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