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The Sacramento Kings could not get past their Oklahoma City complex and got a severe beating at the hands of the Thunder. Cousins was allowed back into the team after a 1 match ban and he was top performer for the Kings, but that was not enough to get them a win in the game. Oklahoma dominated the game from start to finish and managed their best first half of the season.

The first quarter started with Oklahoma switching from defense to offense in the blink of an eye and the Kings could just stand and watch as they were beaten to a pulp. Lighting quick moves from the Thunder saw them gaining the upper hand with astounding ease and saw them taking a 13 point advantage after the first quarter. It was 37-24 and it didn’t look like the Kings could get anything out of this one.

Scott Brooks, the coach of Oklahoma City stated “That was about as good as they could possibly play to start the game,” and indeed it was. The second quarter did not bring anything new to the table as Oklahoma City thundered through the court. Basketball betting lines. It was 68-50 at half-time and Oklahoma had just finished their best first half of the season.

“That was the best all year at the start of the game,” Durant stated. “The defense was on point. The offense was on point. We just clicked on all cylinders.”

“They jumped on us right from the start and we could never get back in the game,” Paul Westphal, Sacramento Kings coach stated. “It was a great performance by them. We couldn’t stop them. We couldn’t score.”

As the game went into the third quarter, things looked no better for the Kings. Basketball scores.

It was simply a match in which their opponents were better. The Kings still had no reply to Oklahoma’s thundering attacks and they were further outscored in the third quarter, 32-25. As the fourth quarter began, the score was 100-75.

And just like everybody expected, Oklahoma City’s dominance continued into the fourth quarter. Having outscored the Kings throughout all of the four quarters, the final score was set as 126-96 and it was the best game Oklahoma City had all season. But what made this victory special was the fact that all the players were on par. There was nobody that played poor for the Thunder and so victory was ensured. Basketball lines.

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