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In the old days, the knights used to joust for the favor of the fair ladies who observed from the stands. Nowadays we have baseball. On Tuesday, the game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Florida Rays was observed by none other than Michelle Obama, the First Lady. The game ended in an amazing display of talent, with the Orioles up 11-10 after 13 innings of play. Vegas odds.

Baltimore took a collective sigh of relief as they defeated the Rays, one of the strongest teams in the East. The game was really tough, both teams were giving it their all to win in front of the First Lady. Such an important audience demands only the best, and this is what they received. Strong fielding with some lucky hitting put Baltimore ahead for the win.

Julio Lugo scored the winning run in the 13th inning of play. He will surely remember this game. There was an unfortunate incident in the first inning where Carl Crawford was hit with a pitch in the groin. One of the toughest players in baseball writhed in pain before being walked off the field and heading for the hospital. Obama went with him. Betting lines.

Not wanting to disappoint their fallen comrade, the Orioles rallied and slammed the game shut in one of their biggest wins this season. Taking a victory against such a high-ranking team is always a great feeling. The last time Baltimore hit home runs at three straight at-bats was on Sept. 5, 1995.  Record breaking seems to be quite a common occurrence this season in Major League Baseball.

Baltimore turned up the heat during this game and if they can continue doing whatever they did on Tuesday, there will be more wins to come for the Orioles.  As always, is your best bet for online sports betting info. Sports scores.

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