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The NBA owner’s demand is not something to do with future money but also has a lot to do with money made in the past. The union for the NBA players spoke on Wednesday about how exactly livid the owners are when it comes to asking for $7 and $9 billion for concessions as per the proposal for a new bargaining agreement, but the owners are also asking the players to return $160 million that was previously withheld from their salaries. NFL spreads

The amount of $160 million is said to be collected under the supposed “escrow tax” system which according to them ensures that players will receive not over 57% of their playing income. The money is said to be disbursed later in August.

The president of the union Derek Fisher said “To me, it speaks to the arrogance they have in approaching us,” “Trust and loyalty pretty much go out the window when it comes to business. We haven’t been partners in this venture from day one. We’ve been employees, the talent that has grown the game. It’s difficult to be partners in recovery when we haven’t been partners in generating those losses.”

The commissioner for the NBA David Stern later issued a statement reading “Players have benefited from the current system more than the teams,” “For them it has been a much better partnership. We are sorry that the players’ union feels that way since it doesn’t seem designed to get us to the agreement that is so important to the teams, and we had hoped, the players.”

They called a meeting on Wednesday of all 30 teams, and the union tried to get some measure of control over the public discourse which was surrounding the negotiations. Football lines

There is visible indication that the owners have been quite substantial financial progress in their position on Tuesday in the three hour long bargaining session, they were offering a $2 billion annual guarantee in the salaries for an agreement of 10 years. But the union wanted to address a few points of their own on Wednesday saying that the players are earning $2.17 billion in salary as well as benefits under their current system and would not be surpassing this figure under the new terms proposed by the owners until the 10th year of the 10 year deal. Basketball betting lines

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