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The San Diego Padres are the leaders of the NL-Western, and as such, they are in a prime position to take the Division Playoffs. The game on Monday solidified their spot; they sunk the Dodgers hopes and dreams as they beat them 10-5.  It was a great showing for them; they really performed well, playing against one of the stronger teams in the Western Division n preparation for the finals.

Strong hitting and very efficient fielding, as always backed the pitching, everything combined for a very solid win. With the Giants only two games back, the Padres rejoiced Monday when they claimed their seventh victory in ten games. The Dodgers have been struggling with their offensive lately, and the results haven’t been good for them. The Padres, who capitalized on every scoring opportunity, crushed them.

The Dodgers seemed defeated on the field; they were running slow, and playing sloppy baseball all day long. The batting for the Padres was extremely solid; they carried themselves with dignity in an important game. Miguel Tejada hit a two-run single in the fourth, and Headley broke it open in the sixth with his eighth homer this season.

The guys were just playing great baseball; they were having fun on the field, and really playing well as a team. Sometimes there are teams that struggle as a whole, but have great individual players; this is not the case with the Padres. They are as rock solid as they come, baseball wouldn’t be the same without this team. Clayton Richard came through, he allowed four runs and 10 hits over 5 1-3 innings and struck out six. This was a very solid game for the whole team, and they are looking forward to the rest of their season. Be sure and follow the Padres at, home of the absolute best sports betting information on the internet.

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