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The all of a sudden lethargic New England Patriots barely took the game last night against the Green Bay Packers. In the end, it took a bit of unusual motivation from offensive linesman Dan Connolly to get them back on track. This 313-pound player’s 71-yard run set up the two-yard scoring pass from Brady to Hernandez that made the score 17-14 at the half. It was the longest kickoff return from an OL in NFL history. In the end, the Pats reigned victorious with a score of 31-27 for their sixth consecutive win. It was certainly a thrilling night in the Gillette Stadium for fans, coaches and players alike. Vegas odds.

New England stands tall before and after this game. Prior to Sunday night, the Pats had beaten their last two opponents 81-10 and sat with an 11-2 record. The proud leaders of the AFC East struggled with even a weakened Green Bay team, but that was only until Connolly turned things around. As Jerod Mayo said, “when Dan made that play, you could see the vibe pick up and see the momentum swing in our favor.” The team took the lead in the final quarter of the game and kept it. Sports scores.

With a 38-yard field goal from Shayne Graham and a touchdown pass from Brady to Hernandez, New England took this game for “W”. A shrewd defense that was determined keep the Packers from big plays also was a large part of that win. While this was not the best game of the season for the Patriots, it was certainly was exciting. Betting lines.

Even though the Packers were without QB Aaron Rodgers [concussion], the team still gave N.E. a run for their money. Matt Flynn stepped in for Rodgers, and delivered his first three TD passes and 251 yards in the first star of his three pro seasons. However, he also gave on interception, which was returned for a Patriots TD. Though the defense was good on Greed Bay’s side as well, holding Brady, Walker and Branch to only five catches, the team took a serious blow to their playoff chances with a loss. The Packers now occupy second place of the NFC North with an 8-6 record. For the best online betting information, but sure to check out

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