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There can be no question about Chris Paul’s importance for the New Orleans Hornets. He is their most valued player, he often gives them the edge they need and he often leads them to victory. On Monday, the New Orleans Hornets had to travel to the Chicago Bulls and face them without their main man. This proved to be fatal for the Hornets as the Bulls walked all over them. Derrick Rose saw an opportunity and took it with comfortable ease. His 24 points, 4 rebounds, 9 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks were enough to make him the top performer of the game and they also ensured a comfortable win for the Chicago Bulls. Odds.

“We’re just playing good right now,” Derrick Rose stated. Well, that’s obvious for everyone. Before the Hornets game, the Bulls went head to head with the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat, and by the way they played in those games, it finally looked like the Bulls could take home the title again. It has been so long since their last one so now would probably be one hell of a time for them to succeed.

“In the past, I really think we would have struggled with that game,” Luol Deng stated.

In the first half, the Chicago Bulls had a few more problems than they expected. The first quarter went their way as they showed superior skills and physical qualities, but they were still unable to grab a lead which would allow them to feel at ease. It was 23-26 after the first quarter, and the Hornets were about to get mean. They got the better of their opponents in the second quarter and managed to tie the game. After the first half the score was 43-43. Scores.

“I thought we played well enough to win,” West stated. “We had the game right where we wanted it at 77-77 with 3-something to go. We couldn’t convert down the stretch. We didn’t have enough offense.”

But the New Orleans Hornets looked like they ran out of gas in the second half. Since the start of the third quarter, they appeared to have lost their edge and couldn’t stay in the game. The Bulls threw everything they had at them and their determination led them to an awesome victory. The final score was 77-85, and it is clear that the Hornets really need to find a way to play better when Chris Paul isn’t around. Las Vegas odds.

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