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It was a showdown between two brothers. Peyton and Eli Manning are both the quarterbacks for their teams, and they played an amazing game on Sunday. Well, Peyton did at least. The four time MVP was stellar on the field on Sunday, delivering a solid performance for his team and fans. The Colts completely dominated the Giants in a game that ended 38-14. Odds.

Things started out strong for the Colts, who took an early lead and held it through the whole game. The Indianapolis team really gave a good game. After their season opener washout, they truly looked like champions on Sunday. On the other hand, the Giants appeared disorganized, cluttered and confused. Two QB fumbles and many mistakes later, the game was over. The Colts had shrewdly taken the game during the first half, and continued the pressure all the way to the end. Scores.

There was no distress between the brothers on the field, even as the opposing team pounded one or the other. Football is life for this family, and they know what it takes to win a game. Pryton pressed hard all game to have a few spectacular plays. One included a throw for 43 yards on a TD drive, which ended with Austin Collie’s 3-yard reception at 9 seconds left in the half. The game was 24-0 at that point. Las Vegas odds.

Though the Colts simply put more into it, they still needed every play to work. Both teams will surely go on to bright futures this season. The Giants are posted to face the imposing Tennessee Titans next, while the Colts will be pushing for another victory as well. Both teams have amazing players who tend to deliver. This time it was the older Manning brother that came through. Be sure and check out the best sports betting information at All your NFL needs are covered there.

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