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The Phillies will be playing off against the Giants today in what will prove to be an excellent game. The Phillies are doing amazingly well this year, and are chasing an unprecedented third NL Championship. They are playing against the Giants, who have been given excellent games as well as extremely solid results all year long. Vegas odds.

The game will be an indicator of what team is ready to take on the AL Championship. The World Series is right around the corner, and the two teams are tied 1-1 after the NL Championships kicked off the other day. The Phillies are dominating. Philadelphia has been playing the best baseball of recent years, and is riding high on the back of some amazing pitching from their expert lineup. Betting lines.

Roy Halladay pitched the second ever perfect game in postseason history, and the rest of the team has been performing at a similar level. The batting lineup is comes through time and time again with solid outings, as displayed by their last game against the Giants that ended 6-1 after nine innings. Sports scores.

The Giants are another team that is giving it their all this season. They too have a few fantastic pitchers, and have been able to get to where they are with the power of Tim Lincecum and the batting lineup that took out the NL-West. The Giants are working towards a promising year. As things stand at the moment, they are in a prime spot to take the NL-Championships and move on to the World Series. The winner of the current series will be playing against the winners of the Texas/Yankees series, moving into the finals. The season has been a turbulent one for both sides of the upcoming game, but they are all pressing for a win. Be sure and follow the season finale at

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