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Roy Halladay was probably not having a good day and turned out not to be the shutdown pitcher he was most of this season. But it was the offensive side of Philadelphia that managed to bail him out as well as help the Phillies pull of a great doubleheaded sweep of the Marlins.

Carlos Ruiz’s RBI single right to the center with a good two outs during the 10th innings is what gave the Philadelphia Phillies a 5-4 comeback game.

Ruiz was quoted as saying “It was a special moment,” During the opner Kyle Kendrick was pitching a lot like Halladay, and allowed for just one run and just around five hits over the duration of seven innings which led the Phillies to a great 8-1 win.

Then in the nightcap it was Halladay which allowed four runs on a solid six hits during the seventh innings which put the Phillies on a losing course, but with two scores by Philadelphia they were back in the game in the ninth prior to Ruiz scoring the winning run giving the Phillies a win with six straight victories in the nine of their 11 games. Sports scores

Charlie Manuel the manager for the Phillies said “Things happen for you when you’re going good,” “Things definitely work in your favor and they go for you.”

While the Phillies were struggling to stick to their winning ways the Marlines were continuing to slide, they lost their sixth straight and 16th of the 18. Florida has slumped from two games back to back and leading the Phillies. Logan Morrison said “Up 4-2 in the ninth, you’ve got to get the win,” “Good teams find a way and we’re not a good team right now.” Vegas odds

Manuel said “(Ruiz) gets big hits because he can catch up to a good fastball,” “When they try to throw the ball by him or challenge him, his swing is compact and short.”  Ruiz is mostly good behind the plate and for Halladay he was glad that the catcher stole the glory.

Halladay said “He does so much behind the plate and often doesn’t get a lot of credit,” “For him to have a game-changing moment like that you like to see it. He certainly deserves it.” Betting lines

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