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The Dallas Mavericks continued their stunning run of good performances as they defeated the Phoenix Suns. The teams were pretty evenly matched but the Mavericks always managed to have a small edge. The first quarter started with Dirk Nowitzki scoring like there was no tomorrow. It seems he is finally back on track, one month after he returned from a knee injury. For the past few games, Nowitzki looked like was still troubled by his injury and could not perform as he usually does. Vegas odds.

“I felt good,” Nowitzki stated. “I had a good rhythm early and made a couple of shots early, which usually helps. Over the last couple of weeks I haven’t really shot the ball well. I hit my first couple of shots and had a good rhythm out there and kept on attacking.”

Dallas started the game well and soon enough the team was in a commanding lead. The first quarter ended 28-25 and the home fans were not very happy with their team’s performance. The real competition was in the second quarter, when both teams were awesome. None managed to outscore the other, both managed to score 26 points and the game looked absolutely spectacular. It was 54-51 by half time and nobody knew which way this was going. Sports scores.

Both teams looked extremely determined in the third quarter but it was still the Mavericks which managed to do a better job. Their scoring was impeccable and, with the Suns very close behind them, they also had a great defensive game. The Mavericks managed to outscore the Suns by another 2 points and the overall score was 85-80.

Channing Frye looked good in attack, managed to score 24 points but he was unable to bring down Dirk Nowitzki. “We can’t let Dirk get off to such a hot start, and that’s my fault,” Frye stated. “It’s the first time I’ve gone up against him, and Coach gave me confidence. He just made some tough shots.”

Even though the Suns had a poor 3-points shot percentage they managed to stay close to the Mavericks and gave them a very tough battle. “We have guys that are not quitters,” Alvin Gentry, Phoenix Suns coach stated “I believe in this team. We will come back after the All-Star break and we will play good basketball and we will find a way to make a run and get in the playoffs.” The match finally ended 112-106 and the Mavericks managed another great victory. Basketball scores.

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