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The St. Louis Cardinals were completely shocked when the game came finish and they had lost. Then again, so were the fans and the Pirates. They managed to hold on to a lead and keep the Cardinals at bay for one of their most unprecedented wins this year. The game ended 5-2 after nine innings. Football Lines

All season long, the Cardinals have been one of the more powerful teams. They have won the vast majority of their games, delivering promising results for their fans. The Pirates have had the opposite happen to them, as they have been crushed all season long. Yet somehow, through a random combination of pitching and hitting, they pulled off the upset.

New talent has proved to be a huge benefit to Pittsburgh. Daniel McCutchen was their savior, as he pitched six innings of solid gold to the Cardinals. This was his third victory as a major league starter; his team is grateful to have him on their side. St. Louis was caught unaware and blindsided. The batting was exceptionally good. Neil Walker even tripled with the bases loaded to win the game. Football Betting Lines

The loss cost them. The Cardinals fell 3 1/2 games behind Cincinnati in the NL Central, and one game back in the NL Wild Card race. The Pirates are coming off a losing streak in quite an interesting manner – taking games against one of the top teams in the nation. They were 13 losses in 15 games before taking successive wins against St. Louis.

The Cardinals have a long road ahead of them if they plan to win anything of significance this year. If they keep performing like this, they won’t get anywhere. They have seven games against teams with a losing record ahead of them, and if this game serves as an example, it will be a rough ride for them. Be sure and follow it all at Football Spreads.

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