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He kneels in prayer at the times when other players would be battering their chest, and is winning with a model the gurus insist cannot work for long. Basketball betting lines

Tim Tebow’s formula for victory and celebrity isn’t typical for the NFL. Hence is it a football miracle? Or the ideal mix of luck, timing and good plays? That’s the discussion that makes the story of the Denver Broncos quarterback one of the strongest stories in America nowadays. Baseball odds

Barely any person stands on equitable ground when referring to the supplier of this unusual mix of throwing mechanics, big-time sports and devout faith, a 24-year-old Christian who is the topic of humor.

But what most people will consent on is that it’s tough to take your eyes off Tebow nowadays – a man who unapologetically uses football to take his message outside the field while also taking his team on an unexpected ride through the playoffs.

“I’m just very grateful for the stage that God has granted me, and the chance to be a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, what an excellent organization,” Tebow declared after his most recent shocker, an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime to defeat Pittsburgh 29-23 in the wild-card playoffs.

Not lost in that flurry was that Tebow threw for 316 yards and set an NFL playoff record by averaging 31.6 yards. That’s “316,” as in John 3:16, one of the most-often cited Bible passages for believers, the most generally searched item and the message Tebow used to stencil into the eyeblack he wore when he played college football at Florida.

“The issue with Tebow is that he seems more genuinely religious than a large amount of sportsmen, who seem to be non secular to winning games,” recounted Clifford Putney, author of a book relating to Christianity in sports in between 1880-1920.”

That may help explain why Tebow’s action are not being overlooked, but part of an ever-growing curiosity. It started making when he won the Heisman Trophy and 2 countrywide titles at Florida.

More lately, he introduced mass education to the art of “Tebowing”, kneeling on one knee; elbow perched on the other, fist to forehead – while disorder is erupting around him. The practice now has its own site, with photos of folks Tebowing in an investigation lab, in front of the Sydney Opera House, in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and so on.

Tebow’s 5 four- quarter comebacks and his four overtime victories, each more improbable than the last, and his steady, real, yet somehow modest requirement on bringing God into the debate has affected an uncomfortable query upon those who want to make it only about what happens carefully.

About his unorthodox throwing motion – widely derided by scouts and trainers and apparently more suited for tossing a boomerang than a football – and the fast presumption come to be that you won’t like him because of his beliefs.

“I still have apprehensions about him as a long-term answer, as I suspect most reasonable folk do,” claimed radio host Sandy Clough, who has been manning Denver’s sports talk shows for more than 30 years. “Does one game, if he plays well, not only invalidate his play from the other (bad) games but something anyone’s ever expounded about it? Well, no it doesn’t. It’s all just a part of the mix. It’s a fascinating mix. He’s the hardest player I’ve ever had to research, as there are all these extraneous factors you have got to bring in.”

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