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The Oakland Raiders will be facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game on Sunday that will be really tough. Both of these teams are coming in on decent records, and will be looking to take the game no matter what they have to do. At the outset, the Steelers have the upper hand, but you never know until things are settled. The nation has seen great games from each of these teams this year. That being said, you can definitely expect fireworks on Sunday. Vegas odds.

Pittsburgh and Oakland are both heavy on the defensive, thanks to a few bone crushing offensive players. Expect big tackles, massive plays and heroic running come this Sunday. This game will be one of the best this weekend in terms of action. The Steelers will aim to shut the Raiders down. At the same time, the Raiders will attempt to break through the Pittsburgh defensive with a couple of their clever offensive plays. Betting lines.

The Steelers are coming in on a 6-3 record, and are doing very well. They have proved sturdy on the defensive, allowing only 18 points per game as an average. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh team has been taking a very steady 22.2 points per game. They continue to come through with quality plays, and are fluid on the field. They will be looking to exploit the Oakland team’s defensive line, and get past them with a number of good running plays. Sports scores.

The Raiders are sitting on a mediocre 5-4 record, and have been allowing 20.9 points per game. The team has also been taking 26.1 points as an average. This match-up is sure to be an exhilarating performance, as both teams are pretty evenly matched. Still, the Steelers have both a better record and better defense. Be sure and follow the game at Home of the best sports betting information on the Net.

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